Free Christmas present

This is a quick post to let you know of a brilliant free gift – that someone else is giving away! I came across Thea Westra and her Forward Steps site through Personal Development Partners. Thea has created a great resource with Forward Steps and has put together a special Advent Calendar for Christmas. This has links to 24 videos by inspirational, motivational and creative speakers on various aspects of personal development.

The videos last from about 4 minutes to over 20 in length. Some speakers are well know (Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Jim Rohn), others I had never heard of. To date I have seen nine and they have all been excellent. As its linked to Christmas I’m not sure if the page will stay up indefinitely, so get your Advent Calendar now. Incidentally, each “day” has links to other gifts that Thea has put together. Makes me feel a real Scrooge!

Someone else who I have to admire for working really hard this Christmas on creating a new project is Mert Ekral. On his Search for Blogging blog he is creating a “Bloghology” – more of which in the New Year. But for this he has interview me, which now appears on Peopleized! So not exactly a Christmas present, but taste of something to come.

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