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How to….

How to solve a problem

How to give a presentation

How to look confident

How to find happiness

How to develop will power

How to breath confidently exercises

How to improve your speaking voice

How to express feelings

How to Say No

How to be assertive

The main “thinking posts”..

Challenging negative thoughts

Distract yourself from self talk

Do you suffer from gluckschmerz? or envy – looks at visualization

Goal setting...

Do you have passion or desire?

Achieving goals with support also looks at coaching

Why haven’t you set goals?

Law of attraction…

I’m currently somewhat ambivalent about the LoA, don’t read these posts if you are looking for more evangelical nonsense!

Do you believe in fairies? looks at life of Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle – who did!

Irrational thinking

What do you believe also questions astrology and has a painful recollection of urinary retention!

Anxiety, Affirmations & Yaro is actually more about positive use of affirmations

Odds & Sods…

Seven strange things you didn’t want to know about me! generated the most comments to date

We all need to celebrate