Come for a swim?

The Swim

Two days ago I had my first swim of the year in the sea. Big deal? Well it is if you live in England as the water is very cold still! Even in the height of summer its quite cold. On Saturday I only managed 10 minutes before having to come out.

But inspired by this I have committed myself to doing a sponsored swim. I have done one before – in 1970!! Then, aged about 12 I swam 3/4 mile in a swimming pool. This time its 1.4 miles in the sea, between two piers.

I have also said I will try and raise £150 (US$300) in sponsorship, which isn’t a huge amount. However, I’m not that familiar with raising money and its not that long to the event.

Why am I blogging about this – how will it help you get great self confidence. Well, for me it solidifies the commitment, pushing me outside my comfort zone. I’ve created two goals I know I can reach – but with effort. I know achieving these goals will be great for my confidence. However good your confidence, its not a permanent state. We all need to top up from time to time.

So, hopefully this will inspire you to set yourself goals that stretch and push your comfort zone. And help you build great self confidence.

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