Never judge the day by the weather

This is a quick, extra, post mainly prompted by my making a total hash of trying to get a video clip on yesterdays post. It doesn’t appear to work in Internet Explorer (get Firefox – it’s better anyway!!) and I now realize those getting the RSS feed didn’t get anything, so the post may have read a little strange. Click on Stephen Fry for the You Tube video.

The other thing to say is that today in the UK has been calculated as the “most depressing day of the year”. A University researcher has come up with a formula that takes into account various factors such as weather, day of the week, debts from Christmas, failure of New Year resolutions (!) and found the third Monday in January is the day to stay in bed!

This story has been on our radio and television, but the link above was the main one I could find on Google. The author has clearly missed the point – he argues from California that sometime in November is a more depressing day. But with the weather we tend to get in January (its hardly stopped raining) – which we love to talk about – its not exactly a surprising finding.

Has anyone got a formula for the Happiest Day of the Year? One thing I have done recently is replayed an old Zig Ziglar audiotape I purchased many years ago. One of his “suggestions” is “never judge the day by the weather“. Today there are many people out there celebrating the birth of a child or some other momentous event. Does it matter to them if its raining or snowing or blowing a gale?

We should celebrate everyday we get, whatever the weather. We will never get 21st January 2008 ever again – its gone. I hope you made the most of it.

KoTa January 22, 2008 at 11:16 pm

Most depressing day of the year? Nah, I don’t belive in that crap, but I bet that many people who read about it did, could have had a bad day, because they are easily suggestable [open to any suggestion].

p.s. I’m one of the lucky people who doesn’t judge a day by it’s weather, so my mood is never affected by weather.

p.p.s. In Leicester [UK] the weather was quite nice by the way, especially in the afternoon.

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