Great self confidence – travel

In April I was writing about my daughter having the self confidence to work in a children’s home in India for 3 months. Now I have just been listening to a colleague, Sophie, who has just given up a good job to do some voluntary work as an Occupational Therapist in the Himalayas, a remote, mountainous region of Northern India.

I say “listening” as she has just been speaking on local radio about her plans. and is going to be regularly phoning the local station to update them on her progress. This itself takes confidence, as I found out when confronted by a camera last month (fortunately my “take” didn’t make the final DVD!).

I know whilst outwardly Sophie presents as very confident, she has had doubts and fears about what she is undertaking. But only the foolhardy never have doubts or fears. Great things are achieved because such thoughts are looked at rationally, risks balanced, plans and commitments are made. Sophie – you have my best wishes, look after yourself.

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