An Inspirational Thought

I subscribe to a fairly eclectic mix of newsletters, or ezines. One recent addition is called Kickstart Today and this is a quote from a recent edition:-

An Inspirational Thought

There is a little voice in our heads that acts as a
valve: whenever we start to get too enthusiastic,
motivated or inspired, the little voice tries to close
down the flow.

That voice is called doubt.

Even the most positive among us have this annoying
little creature living inside our skulls.

We can live with doubt – and forever limit our actions
(and hugely restrict our potential). Or, we can learn
to ignore the voice. It shouts pretty loud though.

Even better, we can overwhelm it.

Daily affirmations are one such tool we can easily use
to drown out the voice of doubt. Every time we repeat
to ourselves that we are successful, smart, proactive,
healthy, wealthy or … (fill in your own blank), the
voice of doubt becomes weaker.

When your affirmations shout and your voice of doubt
whispers, your success in whatever you desire will be

Thanks to Martin Avis (who also has a good blog!) for letting me quote his newsletter. I will return to affirmations and a technique to capture them tomorrow. Getting in the habit of using positive statements about ourselves is a key factor in obtaining great self confidence.

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