Are you popular?

Happy anniversary Tony


Happy Anniversary Tony!

Do you worry about people not liking you? Do you try to be friends to everyone – and end up with lots of acquaintances but few real friends?

Today is the tenth anniversary of Tony Blair becoming British Prime Minister. Now, I have no hard facts to back this up, but I would say millions of people in this country don’t like Tony Blair. Many would even say they “hate” him.

I’m sure that in most countries throughout the world, the people most disliked are those in power. The same happens in business and other fields as well as politics – you don’t get very far by trying to be liked by everyone you meet.

Over the next few years Tony Blair will earn mega bucks giving lectures around the world – people will pay top dollar to hear him speak. I’m not going to discuss his merits as Prime Minister, but simply point out that he didn’t get to where he is today by being nice to everyone!

But does it worry you, undermine your confidence, if you know there might be people out there who don’t like you?

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