Confidence – appearance

Nicola & Sarah off to the PromOn Friday night my sixteen year old twin daughters had their “prom”. This is a strange event that has crept into British culture in recent years – whilst well established in America and elsewhere. Having completed their first major exams, these “children” dress in all their finery and have a party to end all parties – arriving in stretch Limos and dressed in all their finery.

My daughters, like most, had spent many months planning what they would be wearing and cajoling us to acquire various items of jewelry (a tiara!) on eBay!! As you can see, the result was stunning and they enjoyed the evening. But it made me reflect on the whole issue of what we look wear. Their confidence that evening was the result of all their effort into their appearance.

“Look a million dollars and you’ll feel a million dollars”. Giving a bit of attention to what you put on each day can pay dividends in terms of self confidence. OK, you don’t have to a wear a long dress, make up or a Dinner Jacket. But there are many simple ways to give your appearance a boost and feel good.

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