Making change with support

My recent post How do you make changes did generate some interesting ideas, but mainly buried in the comments section and on others sites! I’m still learning, but its worth visiting the discussion it generated on Chris Garret’s New Media Blog

The idea I wanted to float was the issue of support. I came across it recently in another blog that I have linked to before by Martin Avis, who writes an interesting article centered on “Successful people share their goals”

Martin’s article expands that by sharing a goal you create an external conscience that keeps you on track. Also you create a feedback loop that constantly reminds you of what you are striving to achieve. And if you chose a trusted person well, they should keep any doubts to themselves and only give positive feedback!

Personally I take this a step further – to make change or achieve goals we need to have support that goes beyond reminding us of what we want to do. I can illustrate this by with a TV show a year or two ago that looked at people trying to lose weight. The spouse of one “guinea pig” did everything possible to help – cooking low calorie meals, not buying anything for anyone else in the family that didn’t follow the diet they were using, constantly giving encouragement and accompanying the dieter down to the gym. Very practical, and emotional, support.

Another dieter didn’t have support. Her spouse did remind her of her goal weight – but said from the outset she’d never stick to it. He still expected his “normal” food whilst she struggled with her diet. And to cap it all, when she had to go into hospital briefly he brought her in her favorite takeaway to cheer her up!

Suffice to say dieter one achieved his goal weight, dieter two didn’t. I should stress I’m no great advocate of dieting (my photo hides my waist!) but use this as an example of how support can make a huge difference to achieving our goals. But support can take many different forms – not just a verbal reminder.

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