Personal Development Kaleidoscope

A couple of years ago Priscilla Palmer started a Personal Development list, with the idea of linking in every site that people thought  worthy of being featured. Being on that list was a great help to me in getting this blog off the ground.

Priscilla also started to put together a book, inviting submissions to build a great Personal Development resource. I think it fair to say she then hit a few buffers in her own personal life and this particular project got shelved.

I'm happy to say Priscilla is now well and truly back – now as Priscilla McIntire. She has revised and restarted a new list and finally launched the ebook – Personal Development Kaleidoscope.

I've added a few names of my own to the list – Heather Bestel, Henrik Edberg, Chris Cade, Mike King & Vincent Tan. I hope you enjoy looking through them. Please post them on your own blog or site and suggest any new names to Priscilla

Abu Aremu Positive Self Talk Guide

Adam Kayce Monk at Work

Adebola Oni Naija Motivation

Al Ramsey

Alex Shalman Practical Personal Development

Angela Lord at

Arthur Hung & Jason Fonceca Spiritentient

Cheryl Ragsdale That Girl Is Funny

Chris Cade Think without the box

Chris Marshall Martial Development

CK Reyes My Coaching Works

Cinderella S Kelley Kroh The Krohs Nest

Cindie Wilding Answers From Within

Corrinne Edwards Personal Growth with Corinne Edwards

Craig Harper Motivational Speaker – Craig Harper

Crystal Silver

Daniel Sitter Idea Sellers

David Rogers How to Have Great Self Confidence

Dawn Edwards Second Hand Roses

Dawna Jones Management-Issues

Diane Brandon Diane and Diane

Dr. Susan R. Meyer, Ed. D. Life Work Cafe

Dr. Venerina Conti

El Baugher at

Ellie Walsh at Living the Law of Attraction

Frank Butterfield Life Unfolding Beautifully and 68 Second Videos and Re/Transformation

Gamy Rachel Mind Think Success

Gary Evans Good To Feel Good

Gleb Reys Personal Development Ideas

Gregory Allen Butler

Heather Bestel a little bit of me time

Henrik Edberg The Positivity Blog

Isabella Mori MoriTherapy

Jacklyn Ker Inspiring and Empowing Lives

Jeanette Maw Good Vibe Coaching

Jeanne May Goals and Aspirations

Jeff ‘Yoopersmith’ Smith Shift-Your-Consciousness

Jennifer Mannion

John Sadler Bitesize Marketing NLP

Jonathan Fields Awake At the Wheel

Jonathan Wells Advanced Life Skills

Jordan Rosenfeld Make a Scene

Judy Kinney Dream and Flourish

Judy Martin The Work/Life Monitor

Justin Wolsey Riggs Easier Method

Kaya Singer Awakening Business

Karen Putz A Deaf Mom Shares Her World

Lexi Sundell Energies of Creation

Liz Strauss Successful Blog

Lori Painter at Inspire2act

Lorraine Cohen Powerfull Living

Lyman Reed Free Personal Development Material

Lynn Solarczyk Livingloa

Luciano Passuello

M. Farouk Radwan 2knowmyself

Mel Kaye Monday Morning Power

Melissa Goerke Melissa Thinks Out Loud

Marelisa Fábrega Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online

Meryl K. Evans

Michele Woodward

Michelle Vandepas Conscious Destiny

Mike King Learn This

Mohammad Shafi’e Ultimate Secrets of Success

Neil Sattin and Natural Dog Blog

Patricia Schiavone Thriving Together, and Attracting The Best

Patricia Singleton Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker

Phil Gerbyshak

Priscilla McIntire at Personal Development Demands Success

Rachel Rofe at

Rahul Bhambhani

Robert Henru Reason4Smile

Robert Higginson Robert Higginson

Robin Skeen Robin?s Reflections

Rod Smith Difficult Relationships

Sam Kotadia

Scott Ginsberg Hello, My Name Is Blog

Scott H Young

Sharani Robins Sharani Girl on a Road

Sherri Joubert Being The Change I Wish To see

Shauna Arthurs Follow Your Path and Breathing Prosperity

Slade Roberson Shift Your Spirits

Sonia Simone Remarkable Communication

Steven Aitchison Change Your Thoughts

Sugandi Iyer Life Business Creations

Thea Westra and

Tina Su Think Simple Now

Todd Goldfarb We The Change

Vincent Tan Health money success

Vivienne Quek Versa Creations

Zorka Hereford Essential Life Skills

Zubli Zainordin Your Wisdom of Total Happiness

I have only read bits of the "Personal Development Kaleidoscope" – and having contributed a chapter I reread that first! So its hard to recommend unconditionally, but I'm sure you'll find it great value.


deadale November 9, 2009 at 7:06 am

interesting post..

Patricia November 10, 2009 at 4:28 am

Hi David,

It is thanks to Priscilla's list that I'm reconnecting with some friends that I haven't had contact in a long while. I hope you are doing great! Feel free to send me an e-mail!


Jason November 24, 2009 at 11:15 pm

Thanks so much for the mention/link, David! 🙂 Cool blog, love the quotes on the about page 😀 Wishing you all kinds of success!

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