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google-self-confidenceI use Firefox as my browser – which I would recommend to anyone as it has many useful pugins you can add. Its also supposed to be safer than Internet Explorer. One feature you can use on either Firefox or IM is Google/ig. This allows you to create a personalized home page and populate it with a variety of features – from games or news feeds to RSS feeds or weather forecasts.

I enclose a screenshot of my “IG” page – which includes a feed from Google news. As well as “Top Stories” and in my case “UK” and “Health”, I can add interests like “Self Confidence” and “Self Esteem”.

Some of the stories classed as “self confidence” have little merit But just looking at this mornings pick, the feed leads to some fascinating and informative stories.

I’m no great tennis fan. My colleague at work had Centre Court tickets in the first week of Wimbledon, which left me cold. But I did see a large chunk of the mens final, and cannot help but admire the skill of the Nadal & Federer.

The link from Google News is to an article in The Times (London) reflecting on Wimbledon and the difficulties of developing British talent. It features a 12 year old wannabe Youssef Hassan,

“there is a self confidence born of imagination and desire in Youssef”

The thrust of the article is that the rather pedantic, rigid methods of the British tennis authorities don’t develop Championship winners. Youngsters are inspired by the likes of Nadal; young Youssef says:

“tennis has offered my life a real purpose because I know what it means to keep improving in everything I do; Rafa has given me the attitude to never give up.”

There is a new game on the market Mindhabits that can (it’s claimed) improve self confidence. Using “proven scientific techniques” the games trains the mind to react to positive information. According to the developer by maintaining a positive state of mind will:-

“result in reduced stress, improved self-confidence, less exam anxiety, better work performance and more….”

Sounds great?! I’d like to see more evidence that it works before splashing out myself.

I may be British, but I know who Brett Favre is and I noticed a story the other day about his “retirement” from the Green Bay Packers – but possible resurfacing elsewhere. There is an interesting article Why Don’t Athletes Stay Retired Anymore? which makes a great play on how their self esteem and self confidence are tied in with their performance on the field:-

An athlete’s identity is tied directly to his or her performance on the field. Brett Favre is no different. Their self-esteem, confidence, and ability to persevere are connected directly to the stats they produce in their sport. Without that sport, it becomes difficult to sustain self-confidence. Many ex-athletes turn their competitive nature toward business pursuits, or travel, or family as a way of maintaining that confidence.

Humans, as I’m sure you know, are the only species of animal that “create commerce from waning self esteem”. I’m not aware that other animals create commerce at all! However, the point of the Economy Hinges on Esteem is that we spend money to maintain our self esteem:-

a mother of two who wrote of her perfectly fitted toe ring, “It’s really weird how it kinda gave me a boost in my self-confidence.”

Can’t say I’ve considered a toe ring – nor a tattoo or piercing. Nor will I be able to attend the “Fire Your Inner Critic” workshop. The title goes on to say its a “self confidence workshop for women”, and I live a long way from Arizona. The facilitator states that:-

Women especially struggle with an inner critic – that internal voice that causes us to constantly question ourselves and how we show up in the world. The purpose of this fun and dynamic workshop is to provide women with the tools and inspiration to fire that inner critic once and for all!

Whilst I would take issue that women in particular have a problem with their “inner voice”, I think workshops, or other practical sessions, are great ways to learn and practice techniques.

The stories featured on the Google News feeds are forever changing and as I said at the outset, not all are worth reading. But its worth considering, as is Google/ig generally.

Jack July 14, 2008 at 8:22 pm

I entirely agree with what you said about firefox! It’s awesome!

Jack’s last blog post..Top 10 Weirdest and Most Bizarre Anime Movies and Series of All Time

Maria | Never the Same River Twice July 17, 2008 at 3:00 pm

Interesting exploration here, David. I use Google News Alerts to monitor items containing a few blogging related terms as well. Every now and again I am completely enlightened by what it sends me!

Maria | Never the Same River Twice’s last blog post..Supercharge Your Weekly Review with Mind Mapping

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