the wedding – part 2

Kevin & SheilaReturning to the wedding we went to last week there were two scenarios played out that typified how confidence is “all in the mind”. The bridegroom’s son was his best man and, as tradition dictates was required to give the final speech. I don’t know the guy, but it was clear he was petrified! But he had clearly done preparation and knew his topic well, and it appeared knew a significant number of the guests to feel “amongst friends”.

He delivered a good speech well, despite lacking confidence in his ability. I am sure he would have enjoyed the event more, and delivered his speech even better, if he had tackled his anxieties to some degree with some positive reassurance, which I highlighted yesterday.

The other interesting thing at the wedding was the photographer. The couple had decided they didn’t want a professional photographer, but asked a friend to take some photographs for them. Having done this myself many years ago at my sisters wedding, I assumed the lady concerned would be as nervous as the best man. But despite (or because of?) only having a compact digital camera, and doing something I assume she had not done before, the lady concerned looked cool as a cucumber and looked to be enjoying the occasion.

I didn’t speak to her, but my impression was that she didn’t see herself stepping into the shoes of a professional photographer, but taking a few “snaps” for her friends – as she would do anyway as a guest. In her mind there was nothing to worry or get anxious about. She knew how to take photographs on her camera¬† and that was all she was expected to do! She tackled the task with confidence, as there was no reason for her to doubt her ability.

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