Great self confidence – by stripping?

Well, I’ve heard it all now. The other day I read an article in “The Times” called Ooh, naught but nice which was basically about being taught how to do a striptease! The writer explains one of the reasons for having the lesson is

“to boost my body confidence.”

As for her teacher, a professional stripper,

“Her mission is to make women feel better about themselves”

Fortunately men appear to be excluded as “students” – presumably stripping won’t help our body confidence or make us feel better about ourselves!

Surprisingly, stripping lessons are endorsed by Lynda Field, who has written many self help books – including some very good ones on self esteem – who agrees it will help women like their bodies more. But the article ends with, in my opinion, a voice of sanity:-

“If a woman needs to feel good about herself, a focus on inner qualities, emotional and spiritual, would give her a more solid and long-lasting foundation in self-respect than learning to seduce herself in front of a mirror.”

So says Ingrid Collins, a Consultant Psychologist. Personally I’ve got nothing against stripping, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it as a way of gaining self confidence.

MoraCgirl November 28, 2007 at 4:44 pm

So far I agree with you. I am doing some participant observation research on this topic. I’ll let you know if the boasts of being a confidence builder is true when I am finished.

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