Taking the plunge

Reflecting on the blogs I have made to date it occurred to me that my own confidence in “blogging” and running a website has been transformed over the past couple of months. Like many, many others I had toyed with the idea of setting a site like this up for years. But until I actually started, made the commitment, I had no real idea how it would work out.

In my last blog “New situations can throw us” I was saying we need to practice an activity, building our confidence, until we know we have the skills to perform. But, like with this blog, sometimes you have got to take the plunge with limited experience to draw on.

I would like to add that in this age of the internet, there is so much information readily to hand. I purchased a book on WordPress – but have hardly opened it. There are excellent blogs like Internet Home Business that having given me free advice on how to build a blog. Whatever your field, it should be easier than ever to build your knowledge base and self confidence. But there always comes a time when you need to jump, and let your inner belief system can carry you forward.

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