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Some posts, such as the recent “Can you improve confidence with a smile” have touched on the importance of what we communicate with our body. I have read that 65% of the signals we send one another in conversation are visual rather than audible.

There are some common examples of poor body language that can convey a lack of confidence. Avoiding eye contact, looking downwards, having arms crossed, limp handshakes, excessive sweating… I’m sure you can think of others.

So what image do you convey? Another estimate says when we make a first impression, only 7% is conveyed through the words we use. As we start to explore this topic, and look at exercises to improve our body language, start by observing others and check on yourself. What feature is telling you what about them or you? From someones body language and general presentation, are they a high flier – or stuck on the runway?

Steve August 22, 2007 at 3:41 pm

Hi David,

You are correct. Studies have show that,

7% of communication is the words themselves
38% of communication is the tone of voice
55% of communication is non-verbal or represented by physiology

Some additional physiological changes include:

– skin color change; redness in cheeks
– body posture
– smile vs a frown
– eye position
– foot patterns when walking, etc

maybe I should write a post on this 🙂


Stephen Martile
Personal Development with NLP

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