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Following on from my post on affirmations, there is no denying that for most people the act of reciting positive affirmations is quite strange. Like with other forms of goal setting, you write them out with the best of intention  but never get around to looking at them on a regular basis. More importantly, affirmations have to be read with emotion and made to feel real  otherwise your subconscious mind will not take them on as reality.

In the past I have tried computer software and subliminal CDs to help this process and tried to make my own affirmation board  a combination of affirmation statements and pictures/photographs. Despite my interest in photography, this never properly got off the ground. But over the past 3 months I have been trying a new piece of software called “Vision Board”. This helps you create an active screensaver, which is a combination of photographs and affirmations.

The programme is easy to use. You can use their library of photographs to select an image that gives your affirmation more emotion. Personally I selected from my own photographs, which were easy to upload. For each image you have plenty of space to write an affirmation and/or a power word again they have plenty of suggestions to chose or get inspiration from.

What sets Vision Board apart is the way it operates. The photographs and affirmations move around the screen, fade in and out, pass from one side to another – and you can control the speed, etc of how this happens. Personally, I have found the default settings perfect for me.

It would be nice to have music, but that deficit is not unusual for a screensaver. You can export a saved set of affirmations to another computer via an exe file. This means you can also use the software to create other types of messages (or even presentations) to send on to others.

As I use my computers at home and work with others, I didn’t particularly want my affirmations as screensavers. So what I have done is created two versions, one with just the photographs which I use as the screensavers. Family and colleagues just think I’m showing favorite photos! I run my original programme at home when by myself, so I know off by heart the affirmations that go with each photograph.

I think Vision_Board is the best affirmation software I have used to date. It’s quite simple to set up and I find it a pleasure to run – it has got me to read (and feel) my affirmations on a regular basis. Are they working? I think so, but I this is an ongoing process. I’ll give updates – and perhaps share some of my affirmations as I go.

The Writers Manifesto September 14, 2007 at 2:06 am

Hi David,

That software looks cool. I have a vision board stuck on the side of my fridge. I is always empowering to walk past and dream about the places I want to be and the things I’d like to have.

Certainly a big motivator.

Another great post of yours

Monika 🙂

Bob September 16, 2007 at 2:02 am

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