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Fabulous Self Esteem

The above video is part of a promotion used for Amy Twain’s ebook, “Fabulous Self Esteem ~ Right About Now“. This is both well written and very contemporary.  She has lots of calls to action, some of which were new to me.

What I liked

Amy starts with an explanation of what self esteem is and how it differs from self confidence.  This is a useful introduction that illustrates how people try to sustain their self esteem with unsustainable strategies:-

“most individuals having low self esteem often-times depend on how they are doing presently to determine how they feel about themselves.”

The ebook also includes an eleven question quiz to help evaluate your self esteem. The first three chapters look at the origins of low self esteem and some of the common character traits, or facades, we don. 

This is an interesting section of the book as it doesn’t assume everyone with low self esteem is fully aware that this is the reason they may have difficulties.  Nor does it see self esteem as fixed in stone and something that is constantly low.

By dissecting the difficulties experienced by those suffering low self esteem, and highlighting what someone with good self esteem “looks like”, Amy lays the foundation for looking to make improvements.  Identifying the specifics of a problem  makes it easier to address.

Chapter four looks at internal speech, or self talk.  This looks at some of the thinking errors we all make, although not in as much depth as I have done in some of my posts.  But there is enough of a discussion to understand the root of internal criticism, which most sufferers of low self esteem undergo.

Fabulous Self Esteem includes a very good chapter on environment, which includes getting others to help you.  This is something other writers, myself included, tend to neglect. The environment we inhabit, and those we share it with, has a huge impact on how we feel so its a welcome addition.

Another good chapter looks at criticism – both receiving and giving. This includes the big one, saying no without apologizing or feeling guilty.  Being talked into doing stuff you don’t want to do is a common occurrence for many people.

Another topic Amy discusses here is when we get compared with other people. As there is always going to be someone, somewhere,  better than us at practically anything this is worth reviewing.  Its so easy to start beating ourselves up, and let others find flaws with unwarranted comparisons.

Throughout she ends chapters with a “points to remember” section. Whilst I’d have preferred more “action points”, this does summarize the chapters well and help learning.

The penultimate chapter rounds things off with fourteen more tips that didn’t fit in elsewhere.  These vary from being able to accept we all make mistakes, don’t dwell, to realising there are some things you can change and some you cannot. All could have been expanded, even given their own chapters. But in keeping with the ebook in general, the points are well made and briefly discussed with enough detail to understand and act upon if appropriate.

What I Didn’t Like

My main quibble is her chapter devoted to positive affirmations. Whilst using affirmations is quite a common suggestion for self improvement, their effectiveness for people with low self esteem is debatable. In my post on the topic, “Are Affirmations Useless?” I quoted from research that states getting people to repeat positive self statements they have difficulty believing will back fire.

The use of affirmations also increases the emphasis on the self, repeating statements with “I this” or “I that”. This internalising doesn’t necessarily help build good self esteem.

Her language can be somewhat over enthusiastic at times (or perhaps I’m being an old English grump!).  For example:-  “Exciting road”  “Greatest masterpiece”   “don’t be afraid to dream big”,   “you look smashing”.  I imagine if you’re reading from a low ebb, this empty positivity will ring a bit hollow. But this is really a similar point to the positive affirmations argument, you must use language that you believe and is right for you.


This is a well written, upbeat ebook that most people will take something away from.  Its almost too easy to read, as you can quickly skim through important points. Whilst there are plenty of calls to action, you will need to ensure you do take time out to reflect and plan what you need to do. Reading a self help book (or blog!) is never enough in itself.

Some with really low, bordering on clinical depression, self esteem will struggle with her upbeat prose. But such a customer would find any ebook on its own insufficient. And there is no reason why a self help book should cater for everyone.

This ebook is for anyone who thinks low self esteem may be contributing to their inability to get what they want from life, whether occasionally or persistently.  It costs $27.  The publishers give a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you feel its not for you (or not worth the money) you will get refunded. I’ve bought through the publishers (Clickbank) many times and can vouch that they do honour this guarantee.

To go to order form,  Click Here.

Amy has also put together an introductory bonus package. If you buy Fabulous Self Esteem now, you will also get 5 bonus ebooks:-

“BONUS #1 – I Can, Therefore I Will ($39 Value)

Know and understand thoroughly how the human mind truly works and the advantages of thinking positively. It will make you realize how potent our mind is and what it’s capable of doing.

BONUS #2 Positive Thinking & Self Talk ($33 Value)

Increase your confidence by using the empowering techniques of positive thinking. Discover your inner strengths in self-talk and positive tactics and approaches.

BONUS #3 – Personal Development Tips ($27 Value)

Cultivate the right attitude and winning traits with effortless aplomb. Attain success in whatever you set your heart into. Know the tips on how to fully develop yourself.

BONUS #4 – The Power Of Charisma ($43 Value)

Learn the whys and hows of building a lasting charisma to make the most out of life. Amazing secrets revealed and shared in this book to exude that elusive appeal that could make you universally attractive.

BONUS #5 – Prevent Stuttering ($23 Value)

Stuttering is a speech defect which hinders a person’s normal speech patterns. It has become a social problem and makes a person feel detached and rejected. This book gives tips on how to fight stuttering.”

The bonuses are yours to keep, even if you decide Fabulous Self Esteem is not for you. If you do get it – or already have a copy – please leave feedback yourself on whether this ebook has been helpful.

goodselfme January 7, 2010 at 3:19 am

tx for an interesting review. this sounds like my kind of material.

Amy Twain January 7, 2010 at 8:12 pm

Hi David,

Thanks for taking the time to review my book and for your nice comments. You made some good points there.

The greatest pleasure of a writer is in receiving comments like yours.


Soham February 2, 2011 at 4:00 pm

Say to yourself “I am love.” At first, your mind will reject it strongly if you don’t believe that you are love. Continue saying it, your mind will continue to protest but slowly the protest weakens and the mind starts looking for qualities in your and explanations to support the affirmations. You don’t have to believe the affirmations, your mind will find a way.

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