The Secret to Self Confidence is Ancient

I have a basic principle of not promoting anything I haven't purchased and used myself. This is a review of an ebook I purchased, but then got my money back on!:-

Secrets to Self Confidence

I recently purchased this ebook as the sales page promised much:-

Each day, you will have a short but profound paragraph to read and consider, a simple exercise to complete and a memory verse to memorize. That’s it, follow this plan and with just minutes of effort a day, you will develop a strong magnetic, self-confident personality in no time at all.

However  Secrets to Self Confidence suffers a quite few drawbacks. its quite evident that the book was written some time ago – there is no clue as to whom the author James Stephenson is, but there is a preface dated 1910!  This is the start of Chapter 3 (The Cure of Self-Consciousness) :-

The student should aim here to develop definiteness of idea, sincerity of expression, and concentration of mind. Nothing leads so quickly to hesitation and embarrassment in a speaker as mental uncertainty. To speak confidently, he must not guess, or imagine, or take for granted, he must know. Lack of proper mental equipment is responsible for a large part of the fearfulness of men. One who really knows whereof he speaks, and is absolutely sure of it, is likely to be sure of himself. It manifests itself in his voice, his use of words, his manner, and his entire personality.

On the same page he goes on to quote Newman's "definition of a gentleman"! I don't know who Newman was, but like many other quotes used, it dates the text horribly. The daily exercises are no better:-

For the First Day Poise– Today I will avoid all nervous and unnecessary movements of the body and all thoughts that cause waste of nervous force. I will cultivate calmness, repose, peacefulness and deliberateness. Exercise – Sit still, thoroughly relax the body, empty the mind of distracting thoughts and concentrate on the following 1 Poise which gives power 2 Poise which gives mental purpose… Memorize the following: The star of the unconquered will, he rises in my breast, serene, and resolute, and still, and calm, and self-possessed.  Longfellow

I confess I didn't read the whole 149 pages (plus a supplement with more quotes!) – lifes too short. I just felt very disappointed, and somewhat conned (although there is a money back guarantee I  utilized). Just because a book is 100 years old, doesn't mean it has no relevance. However…

From what I can make out, most of the ideas here are generally still sound. But this book is so dense and  ponderous to render it useless as a modern self help guide. Not recommended

Evan November 17, 2008 at 12:29 am

Newman is probably Cardinal Newman.

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VEDA November 21, 2008 at 2:19 am

About : ‘Lower Your Expectations’ maxim ..
. It should better be : “Assess your Expectations and act.’

And –
About .. Happiness cant be Pursued…. statement…
Is it not that when we pursue values – we are pursuing our happiness for we do feel unhappy if we do oot deliberately pursue them ? Or may be – that pursue here means just running after….a desired happiness without working for it …

Thanks for the space and time … !

ebeneara1 December 1, 2008 at 7:50 am

Motivated…As people lost their self confidence due to some depression.Its great to read the article on self confidence in which many of the students lack on this.Thanks for the information.

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